CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum. Whats the difference?

Full spectrum vs. isolate CBD—is a common argument in the CBD space daily. In understanding the difference, you need to know what is CBD and where it comes from. CBD is a compound often believed to aid in relaxation, pain relief, and reducing inflammationwhich can be found in a number of cannabis plants. For example, Hello Ganja extracts CBD from hemp, which allows us to supply CBD Isolate for sale along with full spectrum oil.

When extracting CBD for use in products such as tinctures, lotions, and edibles, we have the choice to extract all of the compounds found in hemp or isolate only the CBD. When all of the compounds are extracted together, this is known as a full plant extraction and the resulting product would be considered a full spectrum product. On the other hand, if only the CBD is extracted and then infused into a product, the resulting product would be made from isolate. Our company makes both types of products and there are pros and cons to each.
Weather you’re new to the CBD world or have been shopping around for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered both Full Spectrum CBD options as well as pure CBD Isolate products and have been faced with the big decision: Which one do I get and whats the difference?



Simply put, CBD Isolate is purified CBD that has been extracted from the plant and isolated from the other compounds and cannabinoids that contribute to the full chemical make up of the hemp plant. In other words if you’re purchasing CBD isolate products you’re consuming pure CBD. Simple, right?

Full Spectrum CBD

Based off of the above information, you can probably guess what Full Spectrum is referring to. Although CBD is a very important, beneficial and, arguably, the most popular compound found in the plant, it is far from the ONLY one. There are a number of different cannabinoids, CBDA, CBG, CBC etc. that work together to help the the effectiveness of CBD in the human body. When you purchase or use Full Spectrum CBD products, you’re getting all the benefits of all the cannabinoids found in the plant.

So Which Do I Use?

It’s important to note that CBD effects every one person differently. So it is difficult to say with certainty that one form will be more effective than the other. However, there have been study’s comparing the two and, generally speaking, Full Spectrum CBD has been proven more “effective” than pure CBD Isolate. With that being said that does not mean CBD Isolate is not as effective for certain conditions and, as always, you should consult a doctor or medical professional before seeking relief from either.